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Installed packages, channel pear.php.net: Installed packages, channel pear.php.net:
  Channel Package Local   Summary
pear.php.net Archive_Tar 1.3.13 (stable)   Tar file management class
pear.php.net Cache_Lite 1.7.16 (stable) uninstall Fast and Safe little cache system
pear.php.net Calendar 0.5.5 (beta) uninstall A package for building Calendar data structures (irrespective of output)
pear.php.net Console_CommandLine 1.2.1 (stable) uninstall A full featured command line options and arguments parser
pear.php.net Console_Getargs 1.3.5 (stable) uninstall A command-line arguments parser
pear.php.net Console_Getopt 1.3.1 (stable)   Command-line option parser
pear.php.net Crypt_GPG 1.4.1 (stable) uninstall GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG)
pear.php.net Crypt_HMAC2 1.0.0 (stable) uninstall Implementation of Hashed Message Authentication Code for PHP5
pear.php.net Event_Dispatcher 1.1.0 (stable) uninstall Dispatch notifications using PHP callbacks
pear.php.net File 1.4.1 (stable) uninstall Common file and directory routines
pear.php.net File_CSV 1.0.0 (stable) uninstall Read and write of CSV files
pear.php.net File_Fstab 2.0.3 (stable) uninstall Read and write fstab files
pear.php.net File_Util 1.0.0 (stable) uninstall Common file and directory utility functions
pear.php.net HTML_BBCodeParser 1.2.4 (stable) uninstall This is a parser to replace UBB style tags with their html equivalents.
pear.php.net HTML_BBCodeParser2 0.1.0 (beta) uninstall This is a parser to replace UBB style tags with their html equivalents.
pear.php.net HTML_CSS 1.5.4 (stable) uninstall Provides a simple interface for validate, handle and generate cascading style sheets
pear.php.net HTML_Common 1.2.5 (stable) uninstall PEAR::HTML_Common is a base class for other HTML classes.
pear.php.net HTML_Common2 2.1.1 (stable) uninstall Abstract base class for HTML classes (PHP5 port of HTML_Common package).
pear.php.net HTML_Page2 0.6.5 (beta) uninstall PEAR::HTML_Page2 is a base class for XHTML page generation.
pear.php.net HTML_Progress 1.2.6 (stable) uninstall How to include a loading bar in your XHTML documents quickly and easily.
pear.php.net HTML_QuickForm 3.2.14 (stable) uninstall The PEAR::HTML_QuickForm package provides methods for creating, validating, processing HTML forms.
pear.php.net HTML_QuickForm2 2.0.2 (stable) uninstall PHP5 rewrite of HTML_QuickForm package
pear.php.net HTML_QuickForm_Controller 1.0.10 (stable) uninstall The add-on to HTML_QuickForm package that allows building of multipage forms
pear.php.net HTML_QuickForm_advmultiselect 1.5.1 (stable) uninstall Element for HTML_QuickForm that emulate a multi-select.
pear.php.net HTML_Table 1.8.3 (stable) uninstall PEAR::HTML_Table makes the design of HTML tables easy, flexible, reusable and efficient.
pear.php.net HTML_TagCloud 1.0.0 (stable) uninstall Generate a "Tag Cloud" in HTML and visualize tags by their frequency. Additionally visualizes each tag's age.
pear.php.net HTML_Template_Flexy 1.3.13 (stable) uninstall An extremely powerful Tokenizer driven Template engine
pear.php.net HTML_Template_IT 1.3.0 (stable)   Integrated Templates
pear.php.net HTML_TreeMenu 1.2.2 (stable) uninstall Provides an api to create a HTML tree
pear.php.net HTTP2 1.1.1 (stable) uninstall Miscellaneous HTTP utilities
pear.php.net HTTP_Client 1.2.1 (stable) uninstall Easy way to perform multiple HTTP requests and process their results
pear.php.net HTTP_Request 1.4.4 (stable) uninstall Provides an easy way to perform HTTP requests
pear.php.net HTTP_Request2 2.2.1 (stable) uninstall Provides an easy way to perform HTTP requests.
pear.php.net I18N_UnicodeString 0.3.1 (beta) uninstall Provides a way to work with self contained multibyte strings
pear.php.net Image_3D 0.4.2 (alpha) uninstall This class allows the rendering of 3 dimensional objects utilizing PHP.
pear.php.net Image_Barcode2 0.2.3 (beta) uninstall Barcode generation
pear.php.net Image_Color 1.0.4 (stable) uninstall Manage and handles color data and conversions.
pear.php.net Image_JpegMarkerReader 0.5.0 (beta) uninstall Read arbitrary markers from JPEG files.
pear.php.net Image_Remote 1.0.2 (stable) uninstall Retrieve information on remote image files.
pear.php.net Inline_C 0.1 (alpha) uninstall Allows inline inclusion of function definitions in C
pear.php.net LiveUser 0.16.14 (beta) uninstall User authentication and permission management framework
pear.php.net LiveUser_Admin 0.4.0 (beta) uninstall User authentication and permission management framework
pear.php.net Log 1.13.1 (stable) uninstall Logging Framework
pear.php.net MDB 1.3.0 (stable) uninstall database abstraction layer
pear.php.net MDB2 2.5.0b5 (beta) uninstall database abstraction layer
pear.php.net MDB2_Driver_mysqli 1.5.0b4 (beta) uninstall mysqli MDB2 driver
pear.php.net MP3_Id 1.2.2 (stable) uninstall Read/Write MP3-Tags
pear.php.net MP3_Playlist 0.5.2 (alpha) uninstall Library to create MP3 playlists on the fly, several formats supported including XML, RSS and XHTML
pear.php.net Mail 1.3.0 (stable) uninstall Class that provides multiple interfaces for sending emails
pear.php.net Mail_IMAPv2 0.2.1 (beta) uninstall Provides a c-client backend for webmail.
pear.php.net Mail_Mime 1.10.0 (stable) uninstall Mail_Mime provides classes to create MIME messages.
pear.php.net Math_BigInteger 1.0.3 (stable) uninstall Pure-PHP arbitrary precission integer arithmetic library
pear.php.net Net_DNS 1.0.7 (stable) uninstall Resolver library used to communicate with a DNS server.
pear.php.net Net_DNSBL 1.3.7 (stable) uninstall Checks if a given Host or URL is listed on an DNS-based Blackhole List (DNSBL, Real-time Blackhole List or RBL) or Spam URI Realtime Blocklist (SURBL)
pear.php.net Net_GameServerQuery 0.3.0 (beta) uninstall An interface to query and return information from a game server
pear.php.net Net_GeoIP 1.0.0 (stable) uninstall Library to perform geo-location lookups of IP addresses.
pear.php.net Net_MAC 0.1.5 (alpha) uninstall Validates and formats MAC addresses
pear.php.net Net_Nmap 1.0.5 (stable) uninstall A simple wrapper class for the Nmap utility
pear.php.net Net_SMPP 0.4.5 (beta) uninstall SMPP v3.4 protocol implementation
pear.php.net Net_Socket 1.0.14 (stable) uninstall Network Socket Interface
pear.php.net Net_URL 1.0.15 (stable) uninstall Easy parsing of Urls
pear.php.net Net_URL2 2.1.1 (stable) uninstall Class for parsing and handling URL.
pear.php.net Net_Wifi 1.2.0 (stable) uninstall Scans for wireless networks
pear.php.net PEAR 1.9.5 (stable)   PEAR Base System
pear.php.net PEAR_Command_Packaging 0.3.0 (alpha) uninstall make-rpm-spec command for managing RPM .spec files for PEAR packages
pear.php.net PEAR_Frontend_Gtk 0.4.0 (beta) uninstall Gtk (Desktop) PEAR Package Manager
pear.php.net PEAR_Frontend_Web 0.7.5 (beta)   Webbased PEAR Package Manager
pear.php.net PHPUnit 1.3.2 (stable) uninstall Regression testing framework for unit tests.
pear.php.net PHP_Beautifier 0.1.15 (beta) uninstall Beautifier for Php
pear.php.net Payment_Clieop 0.2.0 (beta) uninstall These classes can create a clieop03 file for you which you can send to a Dutch Bank. Ofcourse you need also a Dutch bank account.
pear.php.net SQL_Parser 0.7.0 (devel) uninstall An SQL parser
pear.php.net ScriptReorganizer 0.4.0 (alpha) uninstall Library/Tool focusing exclusively on the file size aspect of PHP script optimization.
pear.php.net Services_Amazon_S3 0.4.0 (alpha) uninstall PHP API for Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)
pear.php.net Services_DynDNS 0.3.1 (alpha) uninstall Provides access to the DynDNS web service
pear.php.net Services_Ebay 0.13.1 (beta) uninstall Interface to eBay's XML-API.
pear.php.net Services_JSON 1.0.3 (stable) uninstall PHP implementaion of json_encode/decode
pear.php.net Services_Pingback 0.2.2 (alpha) uninstall A Pingback User-Agent class.
pear.php.net Services_Scribd 0.2.0 (beta) uninstall Interface for Scribd's public API.
pear.php.net Services_SharedBook 0.2.6 (beta) uninstall PHP wrapper for SharedBook Open API
pear.php.net Services_TinyURL 0.1.2 (beta) uninstall PHP interface to TinyURL's API
pear.php.net Services_UseKetchup 0.1.0 (alpha) uninstall PHP API for useketchup.com
pear.php.net Services_W3C_HTMLValidator 1.0.0 (stable) uninstall An Object Oriented Interface to the W3C HTML Validator service.
pear.php.net Services_Webservice 0.6.0 (beta) uninstall Create webservices
pear.php.net Structures_Graph 1.0.4 (stable)   Graph datastructure manipulation library
pear.php.net System_Command 1.0.8 (stable) uninstall PEAR::System_Command is a commandline execution interface.
pear.php.net System_Daemon 1.0.0 (stable) uninstall Turn PHP scripts into Linux daemons
pear.php.net System_Mount 1.0.1 (stable) uninstall Mount and unmount devices in fstab
pear.php.net Testing_FIT 0.2.2 (beta) uninstall FIT: Framework for Integrated Test
pear.php.net Text_Statistics 1.0.1 (stable) uninstall Compute readability indexes for documents.
pear.php.net Text_Wiki 1.2.1 (stable) uninstall Transforms Wiki and BBCode markup into XHTML, LaTeX or plain text markup. This is the base engine for all of the Text_Wiki sub-classes.
pear.php.net Text_Wiki_Mediawiki 0.2.0 (alpha) uninstall Mediawiki parser for Text_Wiki
pear.php.net UDDI 0.2.4 (alpha) uninstall UDDI for PHP
pear.php.net Validate 0.8.5 (beta) uninstall Validation class
pear.php.net Validate_AT 0.5.2 (alpha) uninstall Validation class for AT
pear.php.net Validate_DE 0.5.2 (alpha) uninstall Validation class for DE
pear.php.net Validate_FI 1.0.0 (stable) uninstall Validation class for Finland
pear.php.net Validate_FR 0.6.0 (beta) uninstall Validation class for FR
pear.php.net Validate_Finance 0.5.6 (alpha) uninstall Validation class for Finance
pear.php.net Validate_HU 0.1.1 (alpha) uninstall Validation class for Hungary
pear.php.net Validate_IS 0.3.1 (alpha) uninstall Validation class for Iceland
pear.php.net Validate_NZ 0.1.6 (alpha) uninstall Validation class for NZ
pear.php.net Validate_UK 0.5.4 (alpha) uninstall Validation class for UK
pear.php.net XML_FastCreate 1.0.4 (stable) uninstall Fast creation of valid XML with DTD control.
pear.php.net XML_Parser 1.3.4 (stable) uninstall XML parsing class based on PHP's bundled expat
pear.php.net XML_RPC 1.5.5 (stable) uninstall PHP implementation of the XML-RPC protocol
pear.php.net XML_Util 1.2.3 (stable)   XML utility class

Installed packages, channel pecl.php.net: Installed packages, channel pecl.php.net:
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